Reputation Management

£149.00 / month

Ask and remind customers to share their experience online by guiding your customers to a destination designed to convert them into reviewers and guiding them through selecting the best review site and completing a review of your business.


Easily Get More Customer Reviews

With our review platform, you can custom select which site(s) you want your positive reviews on. Choose from over 50 review sites including Google, Yelp, Facebook, and more!

Awesome Reputation Management

With one code snippet you can collect reviews anywhere: On your email footer, your thank you page, or send it to your email list. If they rate you positively with 4 or 5 stars, they are prompted to leave a review on any site you choose! If the customer rates you 1-3 stars and expresses negative sentiment, they are prompted to send you a message privately – giving you a chance to handle the issue.

    • Collect reviews on a custom landing page
    • Custom website widget
    • Email footer widget
    • Automated Email Funnels
    • Mobile Friendly experience
    • Generates reviews on major review sites
    • Collect Reviews On Your Own Website
    • Auto-share positive reviews to social media
    • Auto-publish reviews to your website
    • Embed your ratings with rich-snippet markup
    • Easy Embed Code
  • Includes aggregate reviews
  • PDF performance / trend reports
  • Google Friendly


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