Is Your Website Performing at Its Best? Find Out with Our Expert WordPress Website Audit

Our comprehensive WordPress Website Audit service will carry out a complete health check on your website. Our WordPress Audit is designed to take a deeper look at your website, how it has been built, the plugins that are used, security and more. We also complete a full site backup for your peace of mind. Keeping your website up to date is crucial to maintain the integrity and security of your website and helps reduce the risk of your website being exploited by hackers.

wordpress website audit

We Look Forward To Helping You With Your Website!

To ensure your website is performing at its peak potential, our WordPress Care Plan Audit provides a comprehensive review of the build and setup of your site. From plugins to security settings, we'll conduct an in-depth health check making sure nothing crucial has been overlooked.

Included with this service are two hours devoted to resolving any issues that have come up during the audit process - so you can rest easy knowing every aspect of your website meets current standards as well as performance goals.

Once you make an order, you'll receive an email explaining how to safely share your logins with us so we can begin assessing right away; the typical turnaround is within 2-3 business days after receiving everything necessary.

We are well known for our award-winning Care Plans and look forward to working with you and your business to help you grow and thrive online whilst keeping your website updated, safe, secure and protected.

WordPress Website Audit


  • A complete health check for your site to make sure that your it is compatible with one of our award-winning Care Plans.

What’s Included In A WordPress Care Plan Audit?

Our Care Plan Audit is the perfect way to evaluate and enhance your website. We'll inspect your website from four different perspectives and supply you with an actionable report. It's easy to understand – all the results come in a convenient PDF format accompanied by our recommendations on resolving any issues found. Plus, get two hours of one-on-one time dedicated to implementing those solutions!


Analysis Our review of your site's technical architecture involves a comprehensive examination to ensure everything is up-to-date and follows best practices. We'll evaluate the WordPress themes and plugins as well as any unique features on your website.


Audit We’ll review your website for any lurking errors that might disrupt performance, affect user experience or inhibit our support of a WordPress Care Plan. We'll note and recommend solutions to address issues found during the check-up.

Performance Testing

Our Care Plan Audit provides a comprehensive review of your website performance, honing in on speed and responsiveness to ensure that the message you work so hard to create is delivered quickly and efficiently to your website visitors.

Site Security Review

Keeping your WordPress website secure is essential for delivering optimal operation. We'll review existing security measures on your WordPress website and backup plans, ensuring that everything remains safe & secure for visitors to your website.

Complete Report

Our comprehensive PDF health check report document is filled with action points to resolve any problems, errors or gaps in security. The report serves as an effective roadmap towards optimising your website and online presence.

2 Hours Inclusive Time

With our Care Plan Audit, we are committed to providing you with two hours of expert guidance. If more time is necessary in order to ensure all action points have been resolved efficiently and effectively, additional resources can be provided at a competitive rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

We quite often get asked a lot of questions about our WordPress Care Plan Audit service so we have put together some of our most frequently asked questions below to help address some of the more common queries relating to this service.

If we have not answered your question, please get in touch with us via our contact page.

We only work with websites that are built to our high expectations, are error/problem free and preforming sufficiently to deliver a perfect user experience. We need to run our audit on your WordPress website to make sure that it is a good fit for our platform and systems.

Here at Infinity3, we understand the need for timely delivery of your order. That's why our team works tirelessly to ensure that you receive exceptional service from start to finish - usually within 2-3 days or less! If due to heavy workloads there are any delays, rest assured that we'll keep you in the loop every step of the way.

Our expertise in WooCommerce websites ensures that your website will have the correct level of resources for optimal performance. Something you should be aware of though is that due to the increased resource needs, your current hosting plan may not provide enough support for optimum performance.

As a WordPress-only agency, we only provide audits and Care Plans for WordPress sites. However, if your website is currently not using WordPress, contact us to discuss the options for a re-design or even a simple migration of your current site. So your business can then enjoy the benefits that WordPress brings.

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Why Infinity3 Is The Smart Move For Your Business And Your Online Success

We are a team of talented designers, developers and strategists who expertly unite to create comprehensive services that reach hundreds of satisfied clients across the UK. With outstanding reviews, award-winning projects and budget-friendly prices - why look any further?

With two decades of proven expertise, we understand what it takes to make a website successful. Through meticulous design and development work, our WordPress web services have earned accolades across industries.

Having a team you can trust to nurture your company’s digital success is no small task. To help you decide if we'll be an ideal partnership, let us introduce ourselves - here's how our unique approach can make all the difference for you and your company.

At Infinity3, our team of talented designers, developers and strategists expertly unite to create comprehensive services that reach hundreds of satisfied clients across the UK. With outstanding reviews, award-winning projects and budget-friendly prices - why look any further?

With two decades of proven expertise, we understand what it takes to make a website successful. Through meticulous design and development work, our WordPress web services have earned accolades across industries. Our team is proud to help your business excel online - leveraging expert strategic thinking combined with creative flair & marketing savvy!

With 20 years of industry experience, we have developed relationships with the best web hosting companies, plugin developers, and solution providers. This allows us to offer our clients cutting-edge technologies and solutions that drive customer enquiries and sales. We only partner with trusted companies that we have worked closely with and know what works.

Our pricing structure is designed to meet the specific needs of each project. After our initial consultation, we can provide an estimated price range and discuss any additional requirements that may be necessary for a successful end result. Every quote takes into account all relevant factors, such as complexity, scope and deadlines so you can rest assured knowing your unique project has been accurately quoted!

Our team is prepared for any adjustments that may be needed during the project's progress, and our change request process allows us to effectively manage alterations in scope or deliverables. Rest assured that all pricing modifications will be discussed before carrying out the work.

We understand the importance of transparency in pricing. Rest assured that our clients only pay what is agreed upon - no hidden surprises! Our project minimum for custom website design & development projects starts at £1000. On average in 2022, our clients paid an affordable price of just under £3635 for these highly effective solutions that are guaranteed never to come with any unexpected charges or invoices.

Our experience has allowed us to formulate tried & tested processes for all of the web design services we offer. Whilst the exact process may vary from service to service and project to project, we strictly adhere to our proven processes for delivering award-winning services to our clients through the UK and beyond.

As an example, our website design projects follow the following process:

  1. Introduction Call
  2. Estimate
  3. Project Discovery
  4. Proposal
  5. Project Kickoff
  6. Design & Development
  7. Testing & Quality Assurance
  8. Launch
  9. Aftercare

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