WordPress Tune-up

Bring Your WordPress Website Up To Date

Bring Your Website Up To Date

An Out Of Date Website Affects Performance

If you have a WordPress website, but aren't benefiting from a WordPress Care Plan or maintenance plan, chances are that your WordPress website is out of date as well as the plugins that are installed on it and the website theme. Our WordPress Tune-up service can help!

Over time, these out of date plugins, themes and WordPress platform can degrade your website's performance and lead to usability issues and functionality problems as well as leave your website open to exploit by hackers. Nobody likes a slow website, and if your website is running below par, you could be losing valuable enquiries and sales.

That's why we introduced our WordPress Tune-up service to help bring your website up to date and make sure everything is running as it should.

What's Included?

Give Your Website A Speed Boost!

We'll update your plugins*, themes and the WordPress core itself to make sure your website is up to date and loading quickly. On top of that, we'll apply our tried and tested WordPress optimisation techniques and tricks of the trade that will make sure your website is loading as quickly as possible! Our extremely knowledgeable WordPress experts will begin updating and tuning your website the same day!

Speed Report

We will analyse your website speed before and after our optimisation process.

Core Updates

We will make sure that your website is using the very latest version of WordPress.

Theme Updates

We will update your WordPress website theme(s) to the latest version(s).*

Plugin Updates

We will update all the plugins being used on your website to the latest versions.*

Security Audit

Your website security is crucial to reducing the risk of exploitation & hackers.

Theme & Plugin Cleanup

We will review your plugins & if we think there is a better alternative, we'll let you know.

Website Caching

Caching your website will improve the time it takes for your website to load on users devices.

Image Optimisation

Optimising images reduces their size without reducing their resolution, giving smaller file sizes.

Database Optimisation

Over time, your website database can become slow. We'll optimise it for you, bringing the speed back to 100%.

File Compression

Reducing file sizes by removing unnecessary space can improve your site speed.

Htaccess Optimisation

Tweaking this file can produce dramatic improvements in your websites loading speed.

Website Review

Our comprehensive review will show the improvements we have made to your site.

WordPress Tune-up

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WordPress Tune-up


  • iSpeed Report
    Security Audit
    Database Optimisation
    Core Updates
    File Compression
    Website Caching
    .htaccess Optimisation
    Theme & Plugin Updates*
    Image Optimisation


We’ll never try to TuneUp a site that doesn’t need it, so we recommend testing your site using GTmetrix, the same tool we use.

Your site could benefit from a TuneUp if your report matches any of the following results:

  • PageSpeed score C or lower
  • YSlow score C or lower
  • Load time 5 seconds or higher
  • Requests 70 or higher

We’re committed to making your WordPress site load quicker than ever. We will:

  • Reduce load time of your website
  • Improve your Google PageSpeed Optimisation score
  • Improve your YSlow score
  • Reduce the number of requests made by your website

* We will update plugins and themes that are freely available on the WordPress repository or those premium plugins which you have valid licences for. If you do not have a valid license for a plugin or theme, you will need to purchase one if you would like us to update it.

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