Andy Law Pest Control



Based in Perth, Scotland, Andy Law Pest Control provide all the pest control services you need to protect your homes, businesses, buildings, gardens, land and farms from pests.

Project Goal

To re-develop an old, static HTML website into a modern, search engine friendly website that is easy to update and maintain.

Project Description

We re-developed the original HTML website into a modern WordPress website adding functionality to showcase the wide variety of pest control services that Andy Law offered. The website delivers a variety of information for members of the public with pest problems and is updated regularly with relevant news and information.

Client Feedback

We approached Tristan at Netherbeck Design for help with our website; this was a cheeky because we already had a web design company but felt we needed extra help with inputting content into the website’s CMS to improve our site’s flagging performance. Tristan very honestly attempted to give us the help we needed but it became clear that our website was very poor in parts. We asked ND to give a quote and ideas for a new website. We felt that we could trust Tristan’s recommendations because he showed a very good knowledge of his subject and was able to explain it well to us. We were also very impressed with his enthusiasm, attention to detail and commitment; this was very important to us and we always felt it was equally important to him. Tristan responded really quickly to our requests for changes as the website developed; also to the last minute addition of extra pages. Tristan also produced some excellent visuals for the website himself and was able to work with us on other visuals. It was a daunting task and we had a lot of work to do but Tristan’s enthusiasm pulled us along and the project was complete in about 2 weeks; this deadline was crucial for our business and Tristan delivered! We now have a website that we can really start developing fully, but we’re not taking chances – we’re using Netherbeck Designs year round support package so we don’t go wrong. Tristan also provided excellent value for money. We’ve already had great results too; a week ago we were on the second page of Google for key search terms and now we are 3rd from the top of the first page!

Andy Law