Ashleigh Wood



Ashleigh Wood is a local singer establishing a growing reputation & fan base thanks to some powerful performances.

Project Goal

To create a modern, clean looking website that provides use and functionality to both aquarists and marine fish shop owners. For aquarists, a valuable resource for locating marine shops thought the UK. For marine fish shop owners, a fantastic place to showcase and market their shop.

Project Description

The Ashleigh Wood website is a content managed website developed to showcase Ashleigh’s music. Ashleigh is currently establishing a growing reputation & fan base thanks to some powerful performances in clubs & pubs around the region. We designed a clean, modern website that allows Ashleigh to showcase her music, events & videos.

Client Feedback

I recently worked with Netherbeck Design to create a professional singing website. Tristan has fulfilled everything that I wanted and more. It is bright, effective and extremely professional. He took control of everything from the word go and was always available to contact if for any reason I didn’t understand something. He let me choose everything for my website and he was very flexible if I wanted to make any changes. Also Tristan would always simplify technical phrases so I understood them which was very helpful. I would definitely recommend Netherbeck Design, he always gave me his full attention and the final outcome was fantastic!

Ashleigh Wood