Are Daily WordPress Tasks Taking Up Too Much Time?

Using WordPress to power your website is one of the easier solutions you can choose. You can create a basic website for starters, even if you spend more time polishing and developing it later (or hiring one of our experts to do it for you).

But even if you have strong skills in putting together a user-friendly website, you still have the issue of handling the daily updates for WordPress, your chosen theme, and any plugins you’re using. You also need to backup your site each day in case anything goes wrong.

All these essential tasks take time. As someone building a website – and likely a business alongside it – you know there are many other tasks you need to do each day too. Finding the time to tick everything off that list can be difficult.

No doubt you’ve heard of delegating, but when you’re a sole trader, you don’t necessarily have a list of employees you can call on to help in this situation. It’s you and only you, so you need to decide how best to spend your time.

Fortunately, there are solutions. One of the easiest can also be one of the most cost-effective. If you have one small website you need some help with, our basic WordPress Care Plan will handle many essential daily tasks on your behalf. It also includes web hosting and many other features you’ll come to rely on to make your business life easier.

You can’t create more hours in any working day, but you can make better use of the ones you do have. Make sure you consider doing this by looking at our range of WordPress Care Plans to find the one that makes the most sense for you. It might just be the next natural step to take for your business.