How Can Small Businesses Aim for Better SEO Results?

2 min read

SEO gives your website a backbone – and that helps it stand tall in the search results. We know that three-quarters of searchers never progress beyond the first page of results. If you can’t find what you need there, you’re likely to try another search instead of checking other pages of results.

However, professional SEO services cost money, and that might be money your small business cannot yet afford. In future, yes, if everything goes well to start with. But how can you get underway if you don’t know enough about search engine optimisation to start with?

We provide DIY SEO packages that resolve this issue. They provide you with access to our SEO Platform, designed to help you manage your SEO tasks. There’s no need for any prior knowledge of search engine optimisation either – the platform provides everything you need in a manageable way. You can follow the various steps as and when you can, fitting them in around the other tasks you’re tackling to get your business underway.

The best part of the platform is that it comes with a list of monthly tasks, so you know where to begin. In future months, you’ll receive other tasks according to where your website stands at that time.

This is a platform you won’t find anywhere else. We’ve designed it to ensure it is ideal for the smallest of businesses with a minimal budget for SEO. This is a vital tool if you want your website and your business to do well, but SEO doesn’t need to be complicated or cost hundreds of pounds per month. You can switch to a managed SEO service later if you wish, but if you are at the beginning of your small business venture, this route will get you off the ground.