How to Turn SEO into a Regular Monthly Habit

2 min read

Search Engine Optimisation is a key component of a successful website. It’s also one of the easiest components to get behind with. You’ve heard the saying that nothing ever stays the same… that’s certainly true of SEO.

All businesses have lots of moving parts. Some are more important than others to keep things moving, and it would be tempting to let SEO slide down that list. This negatively impacts other parts of the business though. It would likely lead to a slide in performance in the search engine rankings. This in turn means fewer visitors, orders, and enquiries.

The best way to stay on top of SEO tasks is to turn them into a habit. A little each day has a far bigger effect than you might think. It can still be tricky to know where to start though, and that’s where our DIY SEO package comes in.

We have three managed SEO packages suitable for all types of business. However, if you’re setting up a new business or sticking to a strict budget, the DIY SEO package allows you to take control – and to understand what you should do next.

The platform provides you with actions to follow to achieve results. You’ll be able to make technical SEO improvements to your site. You’ll also be able to see what your competition is doing, so you can see where you’re able to compete with them. The platform includes all kinds of other tools and suggestions too – ideal when you’re building a regular SEO habit, and you need some direction. You don’t need to spend all day, every day with the Infinity3 SEO Platform to see results. Dedicate whatever time you have available and the platform will tell you how best to use that time – even if it’s only 2 hours!

Building a new habit can take around a month. Regular efforts during this time will certainly pay dividends for your business. The DIY SEO package will help support your new SEO habit in lots of ways.  All you need to do is commit to it.