The Importance of a Blog on Your Website

2 min read

A blog may not seem like the most important thing to include on your website. However, it possesses more power than you might think. One of the most important perks of maintaining a blog is that it enables you to provide an expert level of knowledge about your subject matter. This could be anything from vacuum cleaners to currency transactions, or decorating to small business services. If people land on your website looking for a service like the one you offer, they may well scan your blog while looking around. And if they do, they will see you are an expert in your field.

Wouldn’t you rather order from someone who is clearly an expert than from a website that merely consists of items available to order, or services to book?

An exercise in branding

It’s not just about establishing yourself as an expert in your field (although that is clearly a big plus). A blog can also help increase brand presence, positioning your business as a leader in its field. It’s all about taking the time to develop the brand, raising its profile, and ensuring more people associate the service or product you offer with your business.

Build a good blog, and people will link to it

It’s natural to want to share good content when you find it. A useful guide, some do’s and don’ts about your topic, or some free information – all this can be very handy for those who visit your website. If they like what they find, they may link to it and share it with others.

Backlinks will help boost the standing of your website, and that means it will rise in the search results. And that brings in more visitors, who read more of your posts, and… you get the idea.

Increasing domain authority

This is another key metric in the world of SEO. The more authority your website has, the higher it is likely to rank in the search engine results. A regularly-updated blog means you’re constantly adding new content to your website. That grabs the attention of the search engines… as will backlinks, and interaction, mentioned above.

In short, you cannot afford to neglect a blog for your website. If you haven’t yet started, do so now. By building a series of authoritative posts, your business can reach a bigger audience than ever.