Do You Need a WordPress Care Plan?

2 min read

Plenty of people use WordPress to power their website or blog, and it makes sense to do so. However, it is only as good as your efforts to maintain and monitor it. If you find it a struggle to back up and update your site as often as you should, you may well benefit from using one of our WordPress Care Plans.

Backed up by over 10 years’ experience in using WordPress

We know WordPress inside out and back to front, which means you can trust us to ensure your website is always running smoothly. If your WordPress site is out of date, not backed up, and not as secure as it could be, your business could be jeopardised.

If you hate doing the day-to-day maintenance WordPress often requires, invest in one of our Care Plans today to hand all the dull (but vital) stuff over to us. Our plans include all software updates, regular website backups, consulting, security monitoring, and much more. You won’t even need to look at the SEO stats for your site anymore, because we’ll look at them for you and keep you in the loop.

Enjoy a faster, smoother website

There are lots of benefits to using one of our WordPress Care Plans. For example, we’ll manage your hosting for you, which means your site will load quickly every time someone pays a visit. No more lost visitors because your site loads slowly. We do plenty more behind the scenes too, all designed to ensure your website is optimised to load and present quickly to every visitor, all the time.

You can choose from three packages:

  • Essentials Care
  • Premium Care
  • Business Care

Give your business a boost from today onwards and make sure your WordPress site always delivers the best, with our WordPress Care Plans.