Association of Driving Instructor Trainers (ADIT)



The Association of Driving Instructor Trainers (ADIT) is made up of independent, professional driving instructor trainers across England, Scotland and Wales.

The Association formed to offer the best possible training for:

  • People looking to become approved driving instructors (ADIs)
  • PDIs looking for Part Three top-up training
  • ADIs looking for a franchise opportunity with a professional driving school
  • ADIs wanting to work towards their ORDIT accreditation
  • ADIs wanting to do the Train the Trainer course
  • ADIs needing Standards Check training.

…. and to achieve this in their local area.

Members of our Association offer the highest quality training and working environment for their franchised instructors. Like-minded trainers have come together to help shape the industry and provide the best possible training on an individual basis.

Project Description

As this was the first website for ADIT, we had the privilege of a blank canvas on which to develop the website. The website needed to be fully mobile and search engine friendly, whilst providing a clean and modern aesthetic. We decided to use the WordPress platform for this project, acknowledging the fantastic market share WordPress has on the Internet today and the incredible flexibility it brings to a new website.

Project Goal

To create a modern, fresh website that would showcase a large number of driving instructor trainers websites. The website had to highlight the services and professional approach that these driving schools bring to the industry.

The website needed to appeal to those people looking to change their career to become a driving instructor as well as those who are training people to become professional driving instructor trainers.

ADIT is also an advertising tool for ADI Trainers and driving school owners looking to grow their businesses. The website therefore needed to showcase these trainers and generate interest in their businesses.

Given the benefits trainers could gain through the co-operative advertising powers of a large group, the ADIT website needed to be able to allow potential new approved trainers the facility to register and become approved members themselves. A fully fledged eCommerce system therefore powers the website with the facility for members to setup and manage their recurring subscription to the association. Approved members have full control over their business page on the website and full control over their recurring membership.

Client Feedback

Once again Tristan has excelled at producing me the most awesome website. Tristan has worked tirelessly to bring about my new business venture: ADIT the Association of Driving Instructor Trainers to life. Working with Tristan is so easy and he always goes the extra mile. Everything is done to a very high standard and he keeps you in the loop for the whole process. Working together is what puts the build of the website on a different level to most other web design companies. I am consulted every step of the way and there is no such word as ‘no’, Tristan always finds a way to make what you want happen. My website launched tonight after only 4 months since I first had the idea, and I am absolutely delighted. Thank you Tristan 🙂

Helen Hirst