Sandy Fowler Landscaping

Sandy Fowler Landscaping



Sandy Fowler Landscaping is a self-employed landscaper and has a well-established business built on reputation and recommendation. Sandy specialises in garden design and landscaping focusing on attention to detail and working alongside clients. 

Project Description

Sandy Fowler Landscaping already had an existing website built with HTML. The website had a number of fundamental issues which were likely hindering the website ranking well in the search engine results and thus not generating as much traffic or enquiries as would be desired.

Sandy required a website that would reach out and appeal to his target audience. A modern website that is informative and easy to navigate was a must. The website had to provide detailed information about the services that he offers, and provide simple means for users to contact him and enquire about the landscaping services he offers in and around Lancaster & Morecambe.

Project Goal

The new website had to convey a professional look and feel that accurately represents the professional landscape gardening serviced that Sandy provides. As the business evolves, the website will need to evolve to, so it is important that the website platform is scalable and can accommodate future feature requirements and functionality advances.

The website had to be fully mobile friendly and lend itself to ranking well in the search engines. We recommended the development of a new website built from the ground up on WordPress that will convey a professional and slick look, showcase the various services Sandy provides and deliver a smooth user experience.