Vestdeck Limited



Vestdeck Limited are developing an investor relations platform to build trust for people and organisations who fund investments through crowdfunding.

Project Goal

Vestdeck Limited had an existing website that required considerable work to bring it up to date and meet modern design trends and expectations. We decided to re-build the website from scratch, adhering to their new branding to help their marketing efforts and provide a valuable asset to potential investors.

Project Description

We re-designed the previous WordPress website that was not 100% mobile friendly and made significant changes to the look & feel of the website to make it easy to understand, navigate, easy for users to pledge towards the funding goal whilst adhering to strict guidelines and giving it a clean, modern design aligning with current web design trends.

Client Feedback

Vestdeck Limited is a new start-up business that has struggled to find a decent, honorable WordPress developer that charges a fair rate for great work. That dilemma was eventually resolved when I called Netherbeck design. I cannot recommend Tristan or Netherbeck Design enough more than this testimonial. If you are a start-up or SME looking for great work that stacks up and stands up, then you need look no further. Tristan is also not shy in telling you what works and what doesn’t from his 15 years of experience. launched on June 23rd 2016 and to date I have received nothing but compliments.

Nikolas Gilding