SEO: Does it Matter What Your Competitors Are Doing?

Search Engine Optimisation focuses on enhancing your website’s appearance and making it more visible in a myriad of ways. It can take you higher in the search results, perform better locally and bring in more potential clients.

So, with all this in mind, does it matter how well your competitors are performing in the same area?

Short answer – yes, it does.

That’s why our SEO experts do far more than just consider the SEO elements of your own website. They’ll look at how you rank against your closest competitors. If someone wants to hire a business or service like yours and they look for that business online, it helps to be sure your website ranks higher than theirs.

Competitor analysis is a great tool to use when assessing your own SEO requirements. Knowing what your competitors are (or aren’t) doing can help guide the SEO plan for your own site.

Think of it this way. Depending on your business type, your closest competitor could be a national name or brand… or it could be a Joe Bloggs-type business around the corner. The latter will obviously be far easier to compete with, but you can see there will be a different direction to take when considering how best to position your own business and how to tackle SEO tasks.

You can see that it’s not just about registering with Google My Business. It’s also about optimising that listing to get the biggest slice of business from it that you can.

We provide a DIY SEO package for those on a budget, but there are also three other managed packages you can choose from. SEO comprises many elements, not least of which is considering how best to compete with your closest rivals. We can help you do that.