Optimising Your Service Website with a WordPress Care Plan

You don’t need to have a complex website to need a WordPress care plan to help you protect it. It’s easy to assume that most websites that would benefit from a plan like this are those with lots of pages, those that sell goods, and those that take payments from customers in the process.

But that’s not the case.

Service websites often consist of just a few pages. They’re an online doorway to a business that provides a service rather than actual goods. Instead of visiting a site to buy an item and have it sent to you, you’re visiting a site to hire the person for their skills. This could be a photographer, a writer, or even an artist, to give just a few examples.

If you are in the service industry and you have your own WordPress site online to help you bring in new enquiries, you may think your site is simple enough to maintain on your own. Even if you have a blog as part of the site, it is still going to be much simpler than a multipage site with hundreds of products for sale.

Trouble is, it is still going to cause you the same issues if something goes wrong and the site goes down for a time. You still need to find the time to fix it. And that’s where the value of a WordPress Care Plan comes in.

To protect your business and keep your online doorway open 24/7, you can invest in the security and safety offered by a WordPress Care Plan. You may find the simplest plan is ideal for you, but you’ve still got the potential to scale up in the future should you want to. Either way, your service business is safe and will be up and running for the maximum time.