Why Choose a WordPress Care Plan with Clear Pricing?

2 min read

If you run a business via a WordPress website, there are certain services you may wish to invest in. The service of interest here is a WordPress Care Plan, designed to keep your website updated, secure, and backed up daily.

This is the kind of service that can seem confusing in some cases. It can provide lots of varied features, which can mean the pricing is sometimes hard to follow. The headline price often doesn’t include all the elements listed by other companies offering these services. After a few moments of reading, it can sometimes be tricky to work out what’s included and what isn’t.

That’s why we have made every effort to make our pricing clear, along with the exact services you’ll receive for that price. It’s also easy to step up from one package to another when it suits you and your website. You can also choose the service to help support and maintain more than one website if you run a network of them. As you may know, the more websites you have, the longer it takes to maintain them all. That’s where WordPress Care Plans become indispensable.

When you consider the alternative, a Care Plan that is hard to fathom or understand in terms of its services and pricing, it’s clear how important it is to choose a service you can trust and understand. Our prices are clear and there are options to buy bolt-on hours whenever you need more, too. It’s a perk you can add whenever required – easy to understand and easy to buy if needed.

When so many elements of running websites and businesses are difficult and detailed, it’s refreshing to find this aspect made easy. Our WordPress Care Plans are designed to give you the clarity you need.