Are You Protecting Your Biggest Asset?

2 min read

A business can have many assets – notably, its stock or services and its employees. We should also include its website among those assets, especially if online marketing is a key driver in finding new customers or clients.

And yet you may not protect it as readily as you would your business premises. You wouldn’t let someone you didn’t know have a key to those premises. Yet if you run your WordPress site without much care, you may end up accidentally granting someone access to it without realizing. If your website security and updates aren’t secure or updated as often as they could – and should – be, that could be the scenario you are faced with.

And just as it might take ages to rectify the damage caused by someone breaking into your business premises, so it would take a long time to repair the damage done to your website too. Your site is an extension of your business. If you don’t protect it, you’re opening the way for someone to break in.

Repairing the damage done – and the distrust your customers may rightly now have for your business – is far costlier than protecting it adequately to start with. Fortunately, a WordPress care plan is easy to invest in – and you’ll see the results every day. You can put a price on such a plan, but you can’t cost the peace of mind it can bring you.

You’re also able to choose the level of care that’s right for your business. If you expand in future, your care plan can expand with you, and with your site. But if you carry on without a care plan in place, you’ll never have the peace of mind many others have. Automate certain features today, including safety features you cannot do without.