How Much Does Your WordPress Care Plan Offer?

A WordPress Care Plan should include various basic services, such as regular updates for your theme, plugins, and for WordPress itself. Other examples include regular backups and a monthly report, so you can keep up with progress.

Most reputable services have different levels to choose from when you’re looking for someone to look after your site for you. The higher the level, the higher the price, but you’re getting a lot more in each package as you move up to the next level.

This is where you should compare the levels before signing up for the most appropriate one for your website and your business. For example, a small site is going to need far less maintenance than a larger and more involved site. You can see what the cheapest package contains and then see whether you’d benefit from going for something more in-depth. If you feel the smallest package would be fine, you can always scale up later if you need to.

A lot depends on how big your WordPress site is and how much you do with it. A large eCommerce website is going to have many more challenges to meet. If you upscale to a better care plan, you can make sure someone else takes care of all those externally. And of course, you should be sure you’re going to receive a monthly report to list all the measures taken that month. This helps you keep an eye on things.

A care plan isn’t just about keeping your site going. It’s about making sure it stays in the best condition. It’s like having a site MOT… except in this case, that MOT takes place daily. That’s why comparing various WordPress care plans is the perfect way to help you find the most suitable one for your site.