Are You Struggling to Maintain Multiple WordPress Sites?

Every business should have its own website. No doubt you’ve heard that before. Some business people set up multiple online businesses, sometimes selling goods or services and sometimes simply supplying information. In the case of the latter, the business model involves earning income streams from multiple sites on varied topics, each populated by adverts the webmaster earns a commission on.

This business model can be run from home. It has become popular in recent years, although it still has its challenges. One of the main challenges you’ll face in this area is how to cope with multiple websites. Even if you’re using WordPress – a user-friendly platform many people love – you may start finding it difficult to keep up with updates and backups once you go beyond two or three sites.

Why offload the care of your WordPress sites?

Websites always need content to help them rank in the search engines. If you’re earning an income from adverts and links on your site, you need more eyeballs on them. Content helps you achieve this.

So, if you invest in a care plan that covers all your WordPress sites, you’ll have far more time to spend creating new content to boost your sites’ performances in the search engines.

Keeping your sites safe, up, and running

Even though you may not sell physical products from your sites, and you may not have contact with anyone who visits your sites, downtime is still going to have a pronounced impact on your business.

By investing in ongoing WordPress support via a care plan, you’ll get all your updates for WordPress, your theme, and your plugins done for you. With daily backups available too, your websites are assuredly taken care of. And that’s the ideal time to press on with all that content you need to create.