WordPress Care Plans Are Worth More Than You Think

2 min read

Whenever you’re looking to invest in a service, you probably look at the bottom line – the price. You may not think about what you’re getting for that price.

If the item in question is physically there in front of you, it’s easier to consider its value. However, if you’re thinking about ordering a service, it’s harder to work it out.

In some cases, anyway. If you approach it the right way, though, you might be surprised at how easy it is to identify what you’re getting for your money.

Take our WordPress Care Plans as an example. There are two ways to consider their value to you in terms of the price. Firstly, you can look at the list of services you’ll receive for the plan you’re thinking about buying. Secondly, and most importantly, you can think about the benefits of each of those services.

This is the crucial part that lots of people forget about. Let’s take regular backups as an example. This is a good service that provides assurance that your website is properly and safely backed up. If something disastrous happened, you’d have copies of the site to go back to.

But while this explains the basics of the service, it doesn’t cover the convenience it offers. It does indeed offer security and peace of mind, but it also means something comes off your to-do list. And let’s face it, site backups might be important, but they’re also something that can tend to get pushed to the back of the queue.

It’s only when you think about the benefits of the features involved with each WordPress Care Plan that you begin to see and understand just how much each one is worth. Could your business really do without one?