How Cloud Hosting Could Improve Your WordPress Site

2 min read

How long do you wait for a webpage to load when you visit a site? A minute? Two? Chances are you wait far less than that. It shouldn’t take more than a second or two for a webpage to load. Any longer and you are going to lose visitors.

But surely a second or two isn’t going to make a lot of difference? You may be surprised. If people wait a little longer than the ideal time, you could leak plenty of visitors from your site before they even arrive. And it could also harm your position in the search engine results.

So, how does all this factor into cloud hosting?

It’s simple. If you choose the best cloud hosting, offered as part of a WordPress care plan, you can make sure all your webpages load as fast as possible. As we’ve seen, this can positively affect your search engine rankings. You may also notice improved visitor figures. People who find your site in the search results and select it to visit will get there in super-quick time, instead of being frustrated and going elsewhere.

WordPress is one of the best-known platforms to use when building a website. It’s more than just a blogging platform. However, with many tasks to keep on top of each day, including maintenance, backups, and security, it’s easy to forget how quickly or otherwise your site may load.

That’s why investing in a suitable care plan for your website should always include cloud-based hosting. It’s a simple fix that helps a slow website. A care plan should also include speed optimisation, to make sure nothing else is slowing down your site and impacting your rankings.

Searchers are impatient. Make sure they don’t need to be when choosing your site to visit.