Do You Really Need Support for Your WordPress Site?

It’s a common and reasonable question. Support services are optional, so could you get away without any?

All the while your WordPress site works fine, the answer is yes. Or is it? Could you be making mistakes without even knowing about them? Sometimes, an error or oversight may not be obvious until something goes wrong. By that stage, it could take a while to even realise what the issue is, much less fix it.

Now, just imagine you have invested in WordPress support for your website. You know there are people working on your behalf to update and maintain your site. They keep it running while you create content for it or handle other aspects of your business. It’s all important, of course, but it all fails if your website goes down.

So, you need to think about how quickly you could deal with the fallout if your WordPress website did go down. How much knowledge do you have to maintain and preserve your site? WordPress is easy to use compared to other platforms, but there is still complexity there.

If you rely on your website to bring in business, a WordPress care plan will help make sure your future and current clients can always find you. That care plan also helps you present a consistent and professional front. The second something goes wrong… all that disappears.

So, it depends how much you value your website and your business. You might think of a care plan as insurance to protect your site. Without it, the fallout from anything that goes wrong could well be costly. Yet when it is in place, you are protected.

The only difference is that a WordPress care plan is always there to protect you and stop things from going wrong to start with. Even insurance can’t do that!