The Power of Landing Pages

A landing page can be the first glimpse a prospect has of your business. Get it right, and they’ll stay and find out more. Get it wrong, and they’ll be gone in seconds. That’s how powerful a landing page is.

Got the message?

A good landing page has a clear message behind it. It is aimed at a specific audience, rather than trying to get everyone’s attention. Imagine you’re selling a vacuum cleaner. Your landing page must appeal to people who are looking to buy a good vacuum cleaner. There’s no point trying to appeal to anyone who wants another type of household cleaning tool.

Lead generation

Of course, a landing page may not be designed to make sales. Some are designed to capture leads, perhaps by offering a free report via email. If your business sells household cleaners, your landing page might invite people to sign up for a free report that reveals tips and hints for achieving a sparklingly clean home.

Design is vital

Even if you can tick those boxes, your landing page can stand or fail on its design. It should be simple not cluttered; clear not confusing; easy to follow and not leading people to other pages and parts of your site. There are far fewer links on a landing page if you compare it to the home page of a website. That’s because the creator wants to keep you on the landing page to capture your attention (and probably your email address too).

If you don’t spend much time on your landing page, you won’t get the results you desire. Planning is vital, as is testing your results. Even a minor tweak can have a huge difference to how successful a landing page is, no matter what you aim to achieve with it.