What is WordPress Gutenberg?

Put simply, this could be the biggest change to WordPress since it was first developed. They’re calling WordPress Gutenberg ‘a new publishing experience’ and we find it hard to disagree. Of course, adopting any new technology or way of working is a learning curve. But the new Gutenberg editor could well make it easier for us all to use WordPress, no matter what we use it for.

No need to learn or know any code

Doesn’t that sound appealing? That’s a major part of the idea behind WordPress Gutenberg. As it stands, some people find WordPress easier to use than others. If you have ever looked for information about widgets, how to add them, how to customise your WordPress site, and so on, you’ll know it can be frustrating. Those who understand and use code regularly are at an advantage. Whatever they want to do, they can find a way to do it. Those with no knowledge of coding will often get stuck trying to find a solution to their problems when publishing with WordPress.

Gutenberg aims to change all that. It provides users with the chance to style their content using blocks. Blocks are the backbone of Gutenberg, and just as kids can easily stack blocks to create whatever they want to, so WordPress users can use Gutenberg in much the same way.

Why change things?

Think about the WordPress editor you’re probably using now. It’s superbly functional for writing, but if you want to add images or links, or add other elements to the page your post will appear on, things begin to get more complicated.

WordPress Gutenberg will get rid of these inconsistencies. Instead, you will be able to use blocks to build your ideal posts. Placing images, pictures, and photos just where you want them to be in your text will be easy. Want to move something into another position? Not a problem. You can also easily decide where and how to align your blocks within each post. That means you can quickly add an image on the right and a text block to the left, or wherever else you want it to be.

Make no mistake, this is a major change to WordPress. It will take time to become familiar with it. Yet we fully expect this to be a major success. The concept of using blocks is one we can all grasp, and there will be no need to research the right code you need to position something just where you want it to be.

To get an idea of how it works, visit the official test site at https://testgutenberg.com. This shows the new design as you’ll see it on your own site. You can play around with it too if you like. Try moving blocks, changing things around, and see how the blocks work. Once you’ve tried it for a few minutes, you may begin to realise how much easier publishing will be when you make the switch to WordPress Gutenberg.