Why is it Important to Keep Your Website Up to Date?

When many people think about creating a website or blog, they immediately think of using WordPress. It’s a smart choice, too – easy to access, easy to use, and suitable for more than just personal blogs.

One thing you’ll regularly see when you’ve got your site up and running is information on updates. This could refer to a WordPress update or to updates for various plugins you’re using. Either way, those updates are vital to the health of your site. Ignore them and you might be ignoring security holes. Ignore them and you’re missing out on the latest developments to make your site run even more smoothly.

Millions of sites go down every day – make sure yours isn’t one of them

An up-to-date website with the latest software updates installed and running smoothly is far less likely to be hacked. It is also less likely to experience other issues that could stop it from running properly. Receiving traffic is a vital part of running a successful website. Making sure those visitors can see your site when they arrive is just as important though. If your site goes down because it wasn’t updated, making it more vulnerable in the process, it’s going to harm your business.

How can you make sure your website is always up to date?

There are two ways to do this. Firstly, you could check your site every day for any possible updates that need to be completed. This takes time, and you should make sure your site is backed up before updating anything, just in case something goes wrong.

Secondly, you could invest in a service that takes on this important role for you. While it may seem like just another outgoing, it’s an investment in the health and well-being of your website. Remember, you gain business from your website. If it goes down, you haven’t only got the hassle of finding out what the problem is and getting your site up and running again. You’ve also got the reality of missing out on potential new business.

An up to date website is an operational website. It is an important part of keeping things running smoothly. It’s also easier to do with a little help. We can provide that help, letting you get on with the things you cannot easily get someone else to handle.