UK WordPress Care Plans: Streamline Your Small Business

Business owners spend a lot of time on administrative tasks. Many believe that it is just part and parcel of the job. If they don’t do it, nobody will, they tell themselves.

But is this true? It turns out that there are many ways that you can save time by outsourcing and delegating tasks to other people. You don’t have to do it all yourself. In fact, giving tasks to others can actually enhance your productivity and the overall success of your enterprise by freeing you up for higher-value tasks.

Get Somebody Else To Maintain Your Website

Getting somebody to build a WordPress maintenance plan for you can be a great way to save time. WordPress care plans in the UK take over the running of your website, freeing you up to concentrate on your core services.

Infinity3 web design Blackpool offers a WordPress maintenance plan that gives you peace of mind. It keeps your website updates, protected, and most importantly of all, online. It also backs up your resources and takes care of all the fiddly backend issues that you might face.

WordPress care plans in the UK are becoming more popular. Features like same-day setup, ongoing support, and UK-based troubleshooting makes these solutions easy to use.

Outsource Web Design

The existence of web design in Blackpool UK and web design Lancaster means you no longer have to design websites yourself. Certified WordPress consultants, such as those at Infinity3, take over the hard work for you. Instead of trying to build a site yourself and spending hours doing it, you can pass it over to professionals who can help you get the most out of any platform you are using.

In today’s economy, all businesses need to have an online presence. Companies that neglect their sites risk missing out on vital income from new prospects. Web design can help fill the gap in your firm’s competencies by providing you with a range of services. You can use it to add new pages to your site, create fully functional database solutions and improve your online communication with customers.

Using web design Lancaster or web design Blackpool lets you present your business professionally online without investing your time. Outsourced professionals work quickly and effectively, providing better value than choosing the in-house route.

Avoid Multitasking

Some companies promote multitasking, suggesting to their employees that it offers positive benefits. People who can do many things at once are more productive – or so the thinking goes.

Unfortunately, that’s not how it typically works in practice. While some rare individuals can multitask, the vast majority can’t. In fact, trying to do many things at once can actually impede productivity.

Instead of multitasking and doing whatever comes up next, block time throughout your day where you commit to specific task types. Answer emails in the morning for an hour, then focus on project work, then host a meeting, and so on. Do things sequentially, not in parallel.

Cut Down On Meetings

Many of the world’s top companies are skeptical of meetings. Amazon’s former chief, Jeff Bezos, was famous for hating them.

Companies, however, can get into the habit of allowing meetings to roll on and on. The trick is to give meetings a hard time limit – something you’ll probably have to enforce personally. Every meeting should have an agenda and a goal. Everyone should be clear on the problem they are trying to resolve. If it becomes obvious that people can’t define the issue, then send them back to the drawing board for another attempt later.

Outsource Your Digital Marketing

Web design in Blackpool UK isn’t the only way to outsource to save time in your business. You can also cut down on your weekly office hours by passing your marketing over to a digital marketing agency.

Digital marketing agencies typically tailor their approach to your brand’s needs. Thus, the services you get depends on your goals and audience. Most outfits will provide you with a mix of graphic design, content writing, and SEO. Some will also tune your PPC campaigns to ensure that you’re using your marketing budget efficiently.

Outsourcing your digital marketing could save you up to two days per week. It also negates the need to bring specialists onto your payroll or use expensive private consultants.

Automate Rote Tasks With Software

Many businesses engage in rote tasks. These are a special category of operation that machines could potentially do. They are often a tremendous drain on your time.

If there is something that you are doing over and over again, there’s usually a software solution for it. So, for instance, if you’re continually clicking “upload” for social media posts, there are tools that will do that for you. They will also schedule when your posts appear and can sometimes monitor them for feedback.

There are other tools too. For example, some CRMs will automatically record information the moment customers say it or type it into website forms.

Eliminate Troublemakers

Troublemakers are a big drain on small businesses’ time. Problematic suppliers, employees, and even customers can prevent your firm from moving forward with projects and generating revenue.

As a business manager, it’s not your job to ensure that everyone is happy. Instead, your role is to make your business thrive. If a customer is taking up too much time, then there is an opportunity cost – you could have been serving somebody else. In many cases, you need to let people go. Eliminating time-consuming customers and staff allows you to better serve everyone else.


Business owners often believe that they have to do it all themselves. But that’s not true. By outsourcing and finding ways to save time, you can free up your energies for the most productive tasks – the things that are really going to drive your business forwards.