Common WordPress Issues & How You Can Fix Them

Setting up and managing a WordPress website can be overwhelming at first. The further you get along in the process, the more you have to learn to deal with common problems that come up. Finding a WordPress quick fix for your error messages is essential if you are going to keep competing with your competition. Here are some common WordPress issues and how you can fix them.

Parse Error or Syntax Error

Some errors can be frustrating because they don’t offer any information about how to go about fixing them, but luckily with this kind of error you are told exactly where the problem lies. You will get an error message with a string of information. This kind of error happens when your site’s code is not functioning properly.

The message that appears with the error will let you know where the error in the code occurs. Once you know where the problem is, you can go into that file through your site’s backend and alter the code. The error code will even tell you what line of code has the problem for an even quicker fix.

White Screen

The most dreaded error with your site is the White Screen of Death (WSoD). Instead of loading your website, all that will appear is a blank, white screen. There is no error message or any indication about why the problem is happening.

In order to find the problem, you will have to try a few things. Disabling your plugins will let you know if the trouble is with a specific plugin. Disabling all of them will let you know if that is the problem and then you can locate the specific one. You can also do this with the theme.

If those two things don’t locate the problem, you can activate the debug mode which can narrow down the error to a specific page. Clearing your cache will get rid of outdated files that may be causing the issues. If none of those things work, you may want to try raising your memory limit to expand your website.

404 Error

We are all familiar with the 404 Error because we run across it occasionally in our internet usage. If this happens with your website, then you are mostly likely dealing with a broken link or a changed URL.

If that is not the problem, then it is probably a problem in the .htaccess file. This manages your hyperlink structure, so it could be malfunctioning and redirecting URLs to the wrong place. Creating a new file to re-upload .htaccess to correct the problem and resolve the error code.


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