WordPress Tips And Tricks

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As the business world becomes more digitally driven, companies rapidly adopt strategies and tools to improve their processes and overall visibility. Running a user-friendly website like WordPress boosts your business and engages your target audience.

Aside from running one, you must learn how to maintain this helpful tool. That said, how can you build your WordPress site and keep it running effectively? Here are some handy tips and tricks.

Choose A Design That Works Well On Any Device

As many people are constantly on the go, portable devices are becoming more popular, with more people browsing on their handheld devices during their daily activities. According to Google Analytics, most site visits in the US were done using mobile devices, at a rate of 61% in 2020 alone, while desktops accounted for a mere 35.7%. Additionally, the use of mobile devices to browse reached a significant 68.1% worldwide.

As a forward thinking business, it is vital to consider such trends in your WordPress strategy. How does your WordPress site look on various devices? It is best to ensure your site is compatible with all devices, be it a phone, tablet, or desktop. To be sure of your site’s ability to adapt to the appropriate format, you can try the Mobile-friendly Test Tool by Google to determine its performance.

Make Your Site SEO-Friendly

One main reason so many businesses choose a WordPress site is to ensure that their business performs well in rankings and visibility. As such, it’s best to choose themes that work well with SEO tools to make things easier for you. Thankfully, WordPress has a large variety of free SEO-friendly options to choose from. The ‘SEO-friendly tag’ attached is one easy way to identify whether your preferred choice is ideal. An SEO-friendly site helps you attract the right kind of traffic, enables you to stay ahead of your competition, and boosts your online presence, making it almost essential for your business.

Partner With Professionals

Running a successful WordPress site shouldn’t be too challenging, but at the same time, you may need some expert help to get it right. Professional WordPress Web Design companies, such as Infinity3, come in very handy in helping with both building and maintaining your WordPress site. Infinty3 has decades of combined experience in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Optimization (SMO). They also have expert WordPress professionals who help their clients build the best WordPress websites and boost their presence online to yield tangible and long-lasting results.

Develop Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are a great way to enhance your Search Engine Optimization performance and improve your site’s visibility and rankings, primarily when other well-performing sites link and refer to your site. It also lets your audience (and Google) know that you are an authority in your field, making you an excellent point of reference.

To effectively develop solid backlinks, you will need a lot of patience and commitment. Consistently commenting on other relevant blogs, using good email marketing, infographics, and being featured on other WordPress sites are all excellent ways to build strong, high quality backlinks. Using links to other content on your site is another great way to boost your site’s link structure and increase visitors’ time on your page.

Your Site’s Speed Is Essential

It is no secret in today’s fast paced, demanding world that if a site takes longer than three seconds to load, it will put visitors off, causing them to leave your page. As such, it is best to optimise your site’s speed to have the fastest loading speed possible. There are many factors to consider in enhancing your WordPress site’s speed, including:

  • Your page’s responsiveness
  • The image sizes you use
  • A lightweight theme for your site that does not negatively affect how long your page loads
  • The number of site redirects you have

Keeping these factors in mind will help contribute to the amount of time your target audience spends on your page, which increases the likelihood of your audience following through with any call to action.

Make Good Use Of WordPress Care Plans

Constant WordPress maintenance, also known as WordPress care plans, plays a vital role in ensuring that your site runs smoothly and gives your business the best results. WordPress care plans consist of many moving parts, such as:

  • Regular site backup
  • Theme and plugin updates
  • Site security
  • Consistent content edits and updates
  • Optimising the site’s performance and monitoring results
  • Site support

These care plans reduce the headache of constantly monitoring your site to ensure it is in good shape. WordPress care plans in the UK are one of the best tools you can use for your website as they offer many benefits, such as optimum site performance. If you’re searching for WordPress care plans in the UK, Infinity3 is among the leading WordPress care plan providers and can help you get your site back on track to being profitable and popular.

Invest In SSL Certificates

An unsecured site often deters people from visiting your page. Therefore, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates are crucial for your WordPress site to ensure security and reliability. SSLs protect the link between webpages and browsers, enhancing your site visitors’ safety by protecting vital data such as their passwords and payment data. Having a trustworthy website will make your users comfortable, reduce bounce rates and boost your page views. It can also help you perform better in Google searches.

You can acquire SSL certificates in many ways, including:

  • Using SSL plugins by WordPress
  • Using a WordPress Web Design company that provides free SSL configuration
  • Installing it by yourself using platforms such as Let’s Encrypt

You can quickly identify a site with an SSL certificate by the small green padlock next to the page’s URL. Additionally, getting the security certificate will give you a new URL, for example, https://www.website.com instead of http://www.website.com.

The tips and tricks mentioned above are just what you need to make the most of your WordPress site. UK based website design company, Infinity3, offers you quality and user-friendly web design and site maintenance. Visit https://www.infinity3.co.uk/ to identify the plan or service that works best for you.