Does Your New Online Business Need WordPress Support?

Every day, there are people creating new internet businesses revolving around websites. WordPress is still the easiest and most user-friendly website platform you can use, so it makes sense that many newcomers use it.

If you’re new to the industry, you’ve no doubt read about setting up a business using a shoestring budget. You can buy a domain name for a few pounds and basic hosting for a small monthly sum. You may not need much more than that to start with.

However, you should seriously consider adding a WordPress Care Plan to your must have list. Even if you don’t have the funds to invest in one now, you could benefit from having it high up on that list.

When you create a new internet business, your website is the most powerful and valuable tool you have. It attracts traffic and therefore new customers. It doesn’t matter whether you sell physical goods through the website, services, or digital goods. In every case, if the site goes down or is attacked by hackers, your whole business goes down.

A WordPress Care Plan helps keep your website – your most valuable tool – running, safe, and protected. You can do many updates, backups, and other security measures on your own, but can you be sure you’d remember them all? If you trip up on even one crucial aspect of updating or checking your WordPress site, it could bring down your entire business.

So, you can see the value of investing in a WordPress Care Plan as soon as your new business allows. While you may not want to have more outgoings at this stage, this one will help you maintain your income. You don’t want your website going down or suffering security concerns as you’re getting underway.