Effortless Maintenance of WordPress Site Backups

Be honest. If you manage your own WordPress site, how often do you back it up? There are lots of important tasks to keep on top of but backing up your website is arguably one of the most vital of all.

If something went wrong with your website now, how old would your most recent backup be? Could you get your website back up and running as it looked this morning… or would it be a week or two old (or worse)?

Consistent Backups are Vital

Are you reading this and wondering just when you last did a backup? You wouldn’t be alone. However, be aware that if you experience an issue with your WordPress site today, you could be facing several days or weeks of work to get your site back to how it was before things went wrong.

Think of a backup as a reset button. If there’s an issue, you can take your site back to that point. Without that reset option, you’ve got a tough time ahead of you.

Regular Backups Are a Key Part of a WordPress Care Plan

We’ve all got jobs we know we should do… yet they get put off in favour of other tasks. Backing up your WordPress site likely falls under that heading too.

Even though you know the consequences of not doing so and being caught out could be tricky, you may still postpone handling backups.

Fortunately, you’ll never need to worry about backing up your site again if you invest in a WordPress Care Plan. This task, along with many other vital daily actions, will be taken care of on your behalf.

That leaves you free of worry and free to do whatever else you need to do to run your business.