How to use the email migration tool

To migrate your emails and mailboxes to Infinity3, you can use our in-house Email Migrations tool. This will let you migrate your IMAP mailboxes, your Gmail mailboxes and your Outlook mailboxes into Infinity3.

Note: You’ll need to have set up the mailboxes within your hosting account first using the same password as currently used by the mailbox. Here’s how to set up a mailbox.

  • Head to your Control Panel Manage Hosting > Options / Manage Email Migration

Enter the relevant credentials and then select Sync.

  • Hostname – This will be the hostname of the mailserver that you are syncing your emails from. If you’re not sure what this is then it may be worth asking your previous hosting provider what this is.
  • Username – This will be the mailbox that you are syncing.
  • Password – This will be the password of the mailbox at your previous host and of the newly created mailbox at Infinity3. Please note: you’ll need to have set up the mailboxes within 20i first using the same password as currently used by the mailbox.

Once the sync has been completed, your emails will have migrated over to Infinity3’s email hosting.

My email migration has failed, what should I do?

If the sync fails to start, this is likely due to the credentials not being correct. You should confirm that the password you have used is correct and that the hostname is also correct – try logging into the previous hosts webmail to confirm the details are correct.

Can I use the email migration tool more than once for the same mailbox?

Yes, you can use it as many times as you want. You may want to do this if you’ve recently switched MX records so mail now routes to 20i, to get the latest copy of the mail from the previous mail server you can simply redo a mailbox migration. This will then only migrate new emails, so you won’t have any duplicate emails.

Does the email migration tool move or copy emails across?

The email migration tool copies the emails and folders across to 20i, so no emails are “removed” from your old mailserver/mailboxes.

Can I only perform one mailbox migration at a time?

Yes, you can only perform one mailbox migration at a time per package.

Where can I find my hostname?

Your previous host will be able to tell you your hostname. It is worth trying as that is a common hostname that is used.

Should I keep or change the DNS before an email migration?

It is strongly recommended that you change the DNS to 20i after the email migration has been completed. This is to prevent any emails from getting lost during the migration process.