What are the Domain transfer statuses?

Throughout a domain name transfer you may see a couple of different statuses:

Pending Owner Approval – In the case where an authorisation code (EPP) hasn’t been submitted with the transfer of the domain, the Registry will send an approval email to the administration email address listed in the contact details for the domain. If you locate the email and follow the instructions, the transfer can move to the next stage in the process.

Pending Registry Approval – Once the domain transfer has been verified either by an authorisation code (EPP) or approval email then we must wait for final confirmation from the previous registrar before the transfer completes. There isn’t anything you need to do, and the transfer will complete usually within 5-7 days.

Transfer in Progress – This status indicates that all required approvals have been received, and the domain transfer is being processed. It could take a few days to complete depending on the registrars involved.

Transfer Completed – The domain has successfully been transferred to the new registrar. At this point, the new registrar has control over the domain, and the former registrar no longer has any access to or control over the domain.

When a transfer completes it’ll be removed from the Pending Domain Transfer page and you’ll be able to manage the domain from the Manage Domains page.

Transfer Failed – This status indicates that there was an issue with the transfer, and it didn’t go through. The reasons could be various, like inadequate domain preparation, incorrect authorization code, or rejection by the losing registrar.

Note: The exact wording of the statuses might vary depending on the registrars involved in the domain transfer.