What are Temporary URLs and what are they used for?

When you create a hosting package you’re given a temporary URL.

This means that the hosting package won’t be connecting to a live domain name via DNS, so to view the files you’ve uploaded to the site you can use the temporary URL. It will display the site as if it were live, except it will be on our temporary URL servers and the URL is something like http://example-co-uk.stackstaging.com.

Viewing a site that you’ve migrated before you switch the DNS to Infinity3

When migrating a site to Infinity3, we recommend the following process:

  1. Migrate the site files, emails and databases to Infinity3
  2. Check the site works at Infinity3 via the temporary URL
  3. Point the nameservers to Infinity3

Step 2 is where the temporary URL comes in. After you’ve copied all the site data in Infinity3, you may want to check that it works. Selecting the temporary URL will show you what the site will look like before you’ve pointed the nameservers to Infinity3’s.